Seychelles – Katiti | Biography

Mrs Johanna Didon was born in Riage in 1971 in the Seychelles island. She is a Teacher by profession which she started at the age of 19 years old. She later graduated 3 years in the school of Art & Design.

Johanna started her fashion activities at a very early age since she was 12 years old. Even though she was still a student back then, she was doing sewing as a business to financially help her mother. She was later employed with the Ministry of Education, and soon after got her own workshop whereby she was doing her sewing business after her working hours so to earn some extra money.

Johanna quit Teaching later to establish herself in the fashion business. Eventhough she is not teaching in school any more, she is still helping the Ministry of Education to train the students with low learning abilities, and also help to train students from the school of Seychelles Institute of Art & Design during their work attachment.

Recently Johanna launched her first fashion Clothing Brand named “Katiti ” with the aim to bring her clothing line on an international level with a vision to promote Seychelles worldwide.