Meet our Designer Lindiwe Makhoba A Banker who decided to
follow her passion in fashion and beauty. She started her business
2 years ago after obtaining a certificate in perfume
manufacturing. Her company Unalisa (Pty) Ltd is Proudly South
African with a universal outlook. They source most of their
material from South Africa and other African countries. From
natural plants like baobab to recyclable materials they try to do
their best in reducing carbon print. Unalisa Products range from
Clothing, swimwear, sunglasses and Footwear; and accessories.
She says her biggest dream is in shoe designing. We are happy to
have her as part of the SR Family.

At Unalisa, we hold ourselves at high standard of designing and
producing garments that are customer tailored, class and stylist. We
do this because we believe how we dress has an impact on how we
feel about ourselves.
We derive our inspiration from our customer’s state of mind, lifestyle
and their visions. We are more than fashion designer or stylist
company to our client. We are their partner in making feel great
about themselves.